Thursday, February 16, 2006

Very Topical!

Not to enter the realms of the grotesquely personal, but I think I'm getting sick. This is a kind of anxiety that I particularly hate; I mean, okay:

9. Fear of bus seats that are too low. Fear that the person behind you is going to stab you in the back of the head.

That I can deal with. But this sort of tired indisposed feeling isn't even list-worthy. Perhaps if I made a list of how I could have gotten sick, in order of probability . . .

a) Money. Having been forced to rummage through change earlier in the week.
b) Dead mouse (rat?) on the street.
c) The ninety thousand people at work who are sick.
d) Mysterious deposit found on bumper of car. I carelessly referred to this as "salt" earlier in the day, but need I say that I suspect something more ominous?
e) Karma. Having alluded disparaging to the "contagion" that one of the ninety thousand carries about with him.

- Caitlin


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