Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kiss Me Anxiety

1. Fear that you are about to make a life changing decision. Fear that it won't turn out well.

2. Fear that you are everything people have ever accused you of being.

3. Fear of deluding yourself.

4. Fear that you left too small a tip and that nice waiter will hate you forever.

5. Fear that you left too large a tip and that nice waiter thinks you're an idiot.

6. Fear that you've something very important behind.

7. Fear that the Veronica Mars finale will not feature a Veronica and Logan reconciliation but instead a horrible secret about Beaver and a little tag at the end saying "This episode has been the last in our current series."

8. Fear that you forgot your best friend's birthday. You did.

9. Fear that people will be disappointed in you.



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